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Tatjana Stevanovic
Laval University
Professor Tatjana Stevanovic was born in Belgrade, where she has completed her undergraduate and graduate studies up to PhD at the University of Belgrade at which she was teaching Wood Chemistry and Chemical Transformation of Wood for 19 years (until 1997). Since then she is Professor at Laval University , Quebec City, Canada. Professor Stevanovic is teaching at the Department of Wood and Forest Sciences of Laval University, the frollowing courses related to (green) chemistry and (sustainable) engineering: Physical chemistry applied to wood, Wood Chemistry and Materials based on cellulosic fibers. She is also acting as director of wood engineering programme within the same department. Professor Stevanovic’s research interests are related to wood constiuents, notably lignins and extractive components (polyphenols in particular) and development of value-added products based on them. She has published numerous scientific papers and book chapters as well as Wood chemistry textbook (Chimie du bois, in French). She has deposited in June 2016 an international patent on new organoslv process leading to highly pure lignin which is convenient for spinning experiments for carbon fiber production.
7th International Conference on Green Chemistry and Technology
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7th International Conference on Green Chemistry and Technology
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