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Stijn Achten
Katholieke University
Stijn is a researcher and educational expert with special interest in neuroscience and the implementation of neuroscientific research in education and philosophy. His broader area of interest is in the relation between science and consciousness and the impact of A.I. but also in the dialogue between science and philosophy and the way we perceive reality as such.
4th International Conference on Brain Disorders and Dementia Care
Research Interests
Research at the crossroads between neuroscience, philosophy (of mind) and psychology. ? Writing and Publishing articles on consciousness, neurophilosophy and the impact of neurological research on how we look at humanity and how we make decisions. ? Crossover between neuroscience and ethics (free will, responsibility, ...). ? Research of the relation between science and the humanities (religion, law, education,...) from the viewpoint and interpreation of neuroscience. ? Creating educational content regarding neuroscience for practical use in schools and other centres of learning.

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