Stanley P.L. Leong Photo
Stanley P.L. Leong
California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute
San Francisco
Dr. Leong is board certified in surgery and is a nationally recognized expert in melanoma. He specializes in selective sentinel lymph node dissections, and immunotherapy for patients with advanced melanoma. Dr. Leong has lectured nationally and internationally on new advances in the treatment of malignant melanoma and the use of selective sentinel lymphadenectomy. As Associate Director of CPMC’s Center for Melanoma Research and Treatment, Dr. Leong collaborates with other investigators including Dr. Mohammed Kashani-Sabet on a new integrated research program at CPMCRI aimed at developing novel combination therapies for aggressive and metastatic tumors, including melanomas.
14th Global summit on Oncology and Cancer
Research Interests
Melanoma, sentinel lymph node dissections, and immunotherapy

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