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Seonghyung Cho
Korea Pain Diagnosis Society,Madi Joint & Spine Pain Center, Korea
Seonghyung Cho,MD,OMD graduated from the College of Medicine, Chosun university for MD in 1999 and then graduated from the College of Oriental Medicine, Daejun university for OMD. He has published 5 books about musculoskeletal pain and delivered numerous seminars introducing the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal pain. He has devised Dr.Cho’concepts; Functional Orthopedic Stimulation Therapy(FOST) including Joint Energy Technique(JET), Shoulder capsular approach, Biomechanical neural mobilization, Biomechanical acupuncture etc
3rd International Conference and Expo on Herbal & Alternative Medicine
Research Interests
Functional Orthopedic Stimulation Therapy(FOST) , Joint Energy Technique(JET)
Joint Energy Technique

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