Sambhaji Govind Chintale Photo
Sambhaji Govind Chintale
Muhs Nashik University India
New Delhi
Dr. Sambhaji Govind Chintale is currently working as Associate Professor in ENT department at JIIUs Indian Institute of Medical Science & Research. He is a Senior Resident at Kem Hospital, Mumbai from 1st Feb to 31st Jul 2012 and Senior Resident at DR. R N Cooper Hospital, Mumbai from 15th Sep to 15th Jan 2013. He has published many papers in reputed journals like Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research, Otolaryngology Online journal, and International Journal of Recent Trend in Science and Technology.
CPD Accredited
World Congress on
Clinical and Medical Microbiology
Research Interests
Microlaryngeal Surgery,Microbial Infection
Microlaryngeal Surgery,Microbial Infection

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