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Rajender S. Varma
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Prof. Rajender S. Varma (H-Index 90) was born in India (Ph.D., Delhi University 1976). After postdoctoral research at Robert Robinson Laboratories, Liverpool, UK, he was faculty at Baylor College of Medicine and Sam Houston State University prior to joining Sustainable Technology Division at US EPA in 1999 and Palacky University, Czech Republic (2014).
5th International Conference on Green Chemistry and Technology
Research Interests
Rajender S. Varma has over 40 years of research experience in management of multi-disciplinary technical programs and is extensively involved in sustainable aspects of chemistry that includes, development of environmentally benign methods using alternate energy input using microwaves, ultrasound and mechanochemistry and efficient technologies for the sustainable remediation of contaminants, and environmental sciences. Lately, he is focused on greener approaches to assembly of nanomaterials and sustainable synthetic applications of magnetically retrievable nano-catalysts in benign media. He is member of the editorial advisory board of several international journals and he has published over 455 scientific papers and awarded 15 US Patents.

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