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Rajasekhar Balasubramanian
National University of Singapore
Professor Bala has helped establish the Environmental Engineering program offered by NUS since its inception and taught a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses. The main goal of his interdisciplinary research is to advance understanding of the environmental and health impacts of air pollution on scales ranging from local to global, and to develop cost-effective technologies and formulate regulatory strategies to mitigate these impacts. His pioneering research in regional smoke haze in Southeast Asia has been internationally recognized. His group’s scholarly research outputs have been highly cited. Prof. Bala and his advisees have received many awards and accolades in recognition of the quality and the practical relevance of their research. He is currently spearheading an international research program that aims at improving air quality in cities through global alliance with premier universities. He is a one of the Lead Authors for the UN Environment Program’s 6th Global Environment Outlook, focusing on cross-cutting issues on environment and health. He is also member of the Science Panel of Asia-Pacific Clean Air Program (APCAP), appointed by the UN Environment Program, and is on the Board of Directors, Asian Aerosol Research Assembly. He has delivered numerous plenary/keynote lectures in regional and international conferences. Prof. Bala’s research achievements have been widely covered by the international media.
International Conference on Climate Change
5th Annual Congress on Climate Change
Research Interests
Aerosol Science &Technology ,Ambient Air Quality, Atmospheric Kinetics &Photochemistry, Climate Change, Design of Practical Instruments, Development of Low-Cost Adsorbents, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental &Health Risk Assessment, Fate &Transfer of Pollutants in a Multi-Media Environment, Indoor Air Quality, Regional Smoke Haze Water Quality
Sustainable Development

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