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Dr. Radenka Maric
University of Connecticut
Dr. Radenka Maric is the Vice President for Research at the University of Connecticut where she oversees the University’s $260 million research enterprise at all campuses around the state. Prior to becoming the VPR in 2017, Dr. Maric served as Executive Director for Innovation Partnership Building at UConn Tech Park. Dr. Maric is a Named Professor in Sustainable Energy in the Departments of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. Her technical background is in materials and energy. She earned her BS from Belgrade University, and her MS and PhD from Kyoto University. She is an elected member of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering. Her research interests include fundamental understanding of the effect of structure, defects, and microstructure on transport and electrical properties of surfaces and interfaces, with particular focus on developing novel materials for fuel cell, batteries and biosensors, durability study, performance and life prognosis.
CPD Accredited 2nd International Conference on Materials Physics and Materials Science
Research Interests
Sustainable Energy

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