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Qi-En Wang
The Ohio State University
Dr. Qien Wang is an Associatet Professor in the Department of Radiology and Comprehensive Cancer Center at the Ohio State University. Dr. Wang received his Bachelor Degree in Preventive Medicine in Shanxi Medical College in 1992, and obtained his PhD from Beijing Medical University in 1997 in China. Then, Dr. Wang worked as a Lecturer and Associate Professor at Peking University Medical Center for 4 years. During this time, his research was focused on understanding how gene and environmental exposure interact in carcinogenesis. In 2001, Dr. Wang joined Dr. Altaf Wani’s laboratory at the Ohio State University in the United States of America to study the mechanism of DNA repair as a Research Associate and Research Scientist. Since 2011, Dr. Wang has become a Tenure-track Assistant Professor at the Ohio State University, and was promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure in 2017.
11th International Conference on Cancer Stem Cells and Oncology Research
Research Interests
Dr. Wang’s research is focused on a mechanistic understanding of cancer progression, metastasis and recurrence, particularly in term of cancer stem cells.

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