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Professeur Eric Souied
president of the French society Federation France Macula
Eric SOUIED earned his MD and Ph.D. degrees in 1990-2006, at the University Paris Est (UPE) Professor Eric H Souied has contributed to more than 380 peer-reviewed publications in the areas of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), hereditary retinal diseases, ophthalmic genetics and multimodal imaging. He began in the field on genetics in 1993 with Pr Arnold Munich, working on the genetics of retinitis pigmentosa and Stargardt disease. In 1995, he had a precursor vision on the pathogenesis of AMD and decided to investigate a novel hypothesis: the role of genetics in AMD. Eric explored emerging therapies and protocols for AMD, DME, RVO, including anti-VEGF treatments. He has led or participated in several studies engaged in exploring new therapeutics. He is the founder president of the French “Association DMLA” and the founder president of the French society “Federation France Macula”. Pr Eric Souied has been nominated in the Power List of the top100 most influent people in the world of ophthalmology by the journal « the ophthalmologist ».
Research Interests
Gene Therapy, Age Related Macular Degenaration (AMD)
Gene Therapy, Age Related Macular Degenaration (AMD)

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