Prof. Aharon Gedanken Photo
Prof. Aharon Gedanken
Bar-Ilan University
Prof. (Emeritus) Aharon Gedanken, of the Department of Chemistry, is a member of the Nano Materials Center at the Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA), and a recipient of the President of Israel Achievement Award for coordination of a European Funded Research. Gedanken is a pioneer of sonochemistry – a discipline in which chemical reactions are accelerated through the application of ultrasonic sound waves. His many discoveries include a process that removes heavy metals ions from polluted water using aquatic plants and microwave radiation – a fast and low-cost method for producing purified water on the one hand, and metallic nanoparticles on the other hand.
Research Interests
Nanotechnology Research, Materials Research, Drug Discovery, Drug Design, Drug Delivery, Anti-cancer Drug, Infectious Diseases, Renewable Energy Research
Making the Hospital a Safer Place by the Sonochemical Coating of all its Textiles and medical Devices with Antibacterial Nanoparticles
Polymer chemistry and Nano Materials

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