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Oleg L. Figovsky
INRC Polymate Israel
Prof. Oleg Figovsky is the founder and R&D the Polymate Ltd. - International Nanotechnology Research Centre where he is working on research in nanostructured corrosion-resistant composite materials and protective coatings based on a polymer and silicate matrix. He is a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Head of the UNESCO Chair "Green Chemistry". For his inventions in nanotechnologies he was awarded gold and silver medals at IENA-98 and Gold Angel Prize at the Genius 2006 exhibition.
2nd International Conference on Green Energy & Technology
Research Interests
Advanced composite materials based on polymer & silicate binders, Testing of materials and structure under extreme conditions, including strength and creep of structural materials (metals & composites) in the three-dimensional stress state, Advanced coating for corrosion protection of metals and concretes, Nano materials & technologies

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