Ning-Sun Yang Photo
Ning-Sun Yang
Agricultural Biotechnology Research Centre
East District
Ning-Sung Yang is a Distinguished Professor and Distinguished Research Fellow of Academia Sinica and the associated universities in Taipei, Taiwan. His major research interests include gene-based cancer vaccines, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer phytochemicals, and functional genomics studies of dendritic cells. He has helped the development of gene gun technology and pioneered its application to mammalian transgene experimental systems and gene therapy approaches. After thirty years of a research career in USA, Dr. Yang went back to his home town in Taiwan and established the Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center in Academia Sinica, Taipei, which is now recognized for medicinal herb and crop plant research. He was elected in 2006 as a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS, USA). He has published more than 160 research papers, and obtained 14 USA patents.
Research Interests
Gene-based cancer vaccines; Anti-cancer phytochemicals; Functional genomics studies of dendritic cells
Studies on phytochemical-induced immunogenic cell death, autophagy and necroptosis for tumor immunogenicity
Anti Cancer Phytochemicals

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