Dr. Mohammad Alotaibi(maotaibi@kisr.edu.kw)  Photo
Dr. Mohammad Alotaibi(maotaibi@kisr.edu.kw)
Kuwait Institute for scientific research
Kuwait City
Dr. Mohammad Alotaibi, graduated from University of Leicester in the UK, is an expert in pathogenic food-borne viruses who is a researcher in Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (http://www.kisr.edu.kw). He is also an expert in inactivation of pathogenic microbes including viruses and bacteria using solar irradiation of water especially in places under natural crises where water sanitation infrastructure is destroyed. He has published many original scientific papers in international journals. Dr. Alotaibi has ongoing research projects including the research that will be presented in the conference for the early detection of rotavirus in calves in Kuwait and its impact for the morbidity and mortality of this virus.
Research Interests
Investigating the prevalence of rotavirus and its early detection in calves of Kuwait dairy farms using molecular techniques
Interaction of viruses with epithelial cells. Epidemiology and infection of food-borne viruses, and development of inactivation and control measures of such viruses.

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