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Michel Laurence
INSERM (Inserm-Unistra)
Specialized in Dermatology and Pharmacology, Dr Laurence MICHEL is responsible of a research group in the Skin Research Center, Inserm Unit U976, at Paris Saint-Louis Hospital. She works in the Research Team at the Skin Research Institute conducted by Professor Martine BAGOT, head of the Dermatology Department at Saint-Louis Hospital and Dr Armand BENSUSSAN, director of Inserm Unit. During her carrier, she has been carried out clinical research in collaboration with the Clinic Investigative Center of the hospital, studying mechanisms of allergic and inflammatory cutaneous diseases in patients and providing her expertise in pharmacology for in vivo testing of new therapies in healthy volunteers and patients in collaboration with pharmaceutics laboratories. She also worked at the Inserm Unit on a fundamental research project studying the mechanism of signalling pathways involved in cutaneous cell resistance to treatment, with a focus on drug-induced apoptosis. Several partnerships have been also established with cosmetic laboratories in order to provide experimental designs in vitro and in vivo in human beings. Focus has been done on skin aging, xerosis (dry skin), hair greying, depigmentation and hair loss, besides cutaneous pathologies (eczema, cutaneous T cell lymphoma). Her work has yielded 67 articles and 3 patents including new cosmetic dressings. She is involved as external expert in several national and international academic institutions.
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Dermatology and Skin

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