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Marianne Fillet
University of Liege
Marianne Fillet completed Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Liège in 1993 and PhD in 1998 from the same university. She was a Postdoctoral Researcher at FRS-FNRS (National Funds for Scientific Research). She worked as the Professor at the University of Liège and the Head of the Laboratory for the Analysis of Medicines during the year 2010. She is now the Director of the CIRM (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Medicines). Her research activity includes: development of analytical methods for drug assays (synthetic drugs and drugs coming from the biotechnology) by HPLC, CE coupled with UV, LIF or MS; discovery and quantification of new disease biomarkers in biological fluids by proteomic and metabolomic approaches and enantiomeric separation of chiral compounds: fundamentals and applications. He has H index of 35 with citations 3302 and 134 publications in peer reviewed journals with cumulative impact factor of 465.8.
Research Interests
Analytical Chemistry, proteomic and metabolomic approaches

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