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Manuel Garcia-Perez
Washington State University
Co Session Head For
5th International Conference on Green Chemistry and Technology
As a Speaker
5th International Conference on Green Chemistry and Technology
Conference Track Name : Renewable Sources | Non-thermal Activation Methods | Valorisation of Waste into Chemicals
Title : null
Research Interests
Dr. Manuel Garcia-Perez is an associate professor for the Biological Systems Engineering department at Washington State University. He has been working for the last 15 years on projects related with the thermochemical conversion of lignocellulosic materials for the production of bio-fuels and chemicals. So far he has published more than 110 peer reviewed papers. Dr. Garcia-Perez has made contributions to the understanding of thermochemical reactions of cellulose and lignin as well as the characterization and uses of crude bio-oils. He is currently working on the development of more selective pyrolysis reactors and on new concepts to refine pyrolysis oils. Dr. Garcia-Perez is also very active on the development and characterization of engineering carbonaceous materials.

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