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Luis Ulloa
Rutgers University
Luis Ulloa, PhD., is Associate Professor at the Department of Surgery, and a faculty member of the Center for Immunity and Inflammation at the New Jersey Medical School in the Rutgers University. Dr Ulloa has made significant contributions to science. He was among the original investigators describing the Smad in the TGF? signaling and their crosstalk with other immune signals such as the Interferon (Nature, 1999). This mechanism is now proposed to be critical in embryogenesis, oncogenesis and inflammatory bowel disorders. Dr Ulloa was also among the original investigators describing the anti-inflammatory potential of the vagus nerve, and its potential to control systemic inflammation in experimental trauma and sepsis. Dr Ulloa gor his first NIH grant as a pioner studying the immunological role of classical neurotransmitter and their signalling pathway controlling immune cells. Dr Ulloa published over 70 peer-review international articles in the most prestigious journals with over 11,000 total citations. Dr Ulloa has received numerous scientific awards such as the International Human Frontier Fellowship, the Rutgers University ‘Excellence in Research’ Award and the National Scientist Development Award of the American Heart Association. He is invited to write editorials and review articles in journals like Nature Reviews and Trends in Mol Med. His studies are funded by department of Defense, American Heart Association, and the NIH.
Research Interests
Neuromodulation, Drug Design, Host Response Immunology, Signal Transduction Therapeutics

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