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City University of Hong Kong
Dr. Lin Zhang holds a Bachelor in economics and a Bachelor in mechanical engineering from Peking University, a MSc in management and economics and a Ph.D. in economics from ETH Zurich. Subsequently he was a postdoctoral researcher in the Center of Economic Research at ETH Zurich. He was also a researcher associated with the Energy Science Center, Simulation Lab, and the Competence Center for Research in Energy, Society, and Transition in Switzerland. With a focus on energy and environmental economics, his research aims to develop improved quantitative modeling approaches for the design, evaluation, and upgrade of sustainable energy policies at local, regional, and global levels. His work employs applied economic modeling framework to explore the interaction among the economy, energy, and the environment. He also develops econometric models to study energy demand and efficiency, as well as dynamic general equilibrium models for the integration of technology details with macroeconomic models. Zhang’s work has been extensively presented in international conferences and published in leading peer-reviewed international journals in energy economics. In addition, his findings have been well received by Swiss Federal Office of Energy. He serves as the reviewer for the 21st Spring Meeting of Young Economists (2016) and many international journals. He was on the board of local organizing committee for the 22nd Annual meeting of European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (2016), Conference on Sustainable Resource Use and Economic Dynamics (2012, 2014), and the organizer for the institutional network meeting for China at EAERE (2016).
2nd International Conference on Green Energy & Technology
Research Interests
Energy and environmental economics Efficiency and productivity analysis Energy policy Applied economics Computable general equilibrium modeling

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