Kudighe Patrick Udoh  Photo
Kudighe Patrick Udoh
University of Uyo teaching Hospital
Ado Ekiti
Kudighe Udoh is a lecturer with the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, Nigeria. She obtained her B.Sc. Anatomy and M.Sc. Anatomy from the University of Uyo with her Ph.D. currently in view. She is a passionate educator and researcher with research interest in tissue regeneration. She seeks to discover natural remedies that can be used effectively for regeneration of loss tissues. Her present work discovered a plant product that maintains an open moist wound environment and drives the healing process towards skin regeneration. She has publications in many journals and she is open for research collaboration.
As a Speaker
2nd Global Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cell Research
Conference Track Name : Stem Cell Transplant, Regenerative Treatment Models, Bone Tissue Engineering, Acellular Prosthesis, Scaffolds in Tissue Engineering
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