Kazuichi Nakamura Photo
Kazuichi Nakamura
Kitasato University
Dr. Kazuichi Nakamura has experience in working for a pharmaceutical company for about 25 years. His specialization area is immunotoxicology. He started his current career in researching and teaching in the veterinary school, 2014. Since then, he has been being enthusiastic to develop therapeutic drugs for autoimmune diseases based on his experience in drug development and his knowledge in immunology. KVT-1 is one of the results of his research over the past 5 years in Kitasato University. He does not think that immunoenhancement cause autoimmune diseases. Immunoenhancement is a consequence of autoimmune diseases. Therefore he did not take immunosuppressive approaches, but tried to modulate the immunological condition behind the disease. As he believes combination therapy is more effective for remission of type 1 diabetes, he is now seeking for several opportunities of collaboration. The final goal of his research is obviously to improve the patients’ quality of life.

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