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Karuppasamy Gurunathan
Maharshi Dayanand University
Dr. Karuppasamy Gurunathan is Professor& Head in the Department of Nano science & Technology, Science Campus, Alagappa University since 2008. I persued my Ph.D in Photo catalytic And Photo electrochemical Reactions Involving Oxide Semiconductors (Preparation, Characterization and Applications of Undoped/Doped Semiconductor Photo catalysts) in Energy Department, University of Madras, Chennai. My research projects cover Development of Nano sized RuO2.xH2O for Super capacitors Application, Developmental Work order from VSSC/ISRO, Trivandrum, Technology Demonstration of Multilayer LTCC Packages for MEMS Application, NPSM, Fabrication & Characterization of Organic-Inorganic(Polythiophene-Nano CdS & CdSe) Hybrid materials for Solar cells, Indo- Mexico- DST, Photo biological Production of H2 and fabrication of Micro-Bio-Fuel cell.
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Research Interests
Nanomaterials for Lithium battery, supercapacitors and solid oxide fuel cells 2. Molecular electronics and Semiconductors (II-VI & III-V) Organic-Inorganic Hybrid solar Cells 3. Nanomaterials for Resistors, solders and conductors for Hybrid Micro Circuits and Nanotoxicology 4. Preparation, Characterisation and Applications of Semiconductors, Electroceramics, Conducting Polymers, Composites of Conducting Polymer/Electroceramics 5. Electrodeposition by brush plating and pulse plating and chemical bath deposition, Sol-gel, Spray pyrolysis technique of II-VI semiconductors and Lead free alloys and oxides. 6. Electroless and electroplating of Cu. 7. Semiconductor-SEPTUM PEC Cells &Solar Energy conversion and its related fields. 8. Hydrogen production via Photocatalysis, Photoelectrochemical and Photobiocatalysis, Micro-bio-Fuel cells. 9. Phytochemical synthesis of Nanomaterials for Antimicrobial studies.

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