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Kaiyou Wang
Institute of Semiconductors
Haidian Qu
Kaiyou Wang, PhD, Professor in Institute of Semiconductors in Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director of State Key Laboratory for Superlattices & Microstructure, obtained his PhD in 2005 at School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Nottingham. He worked as a Researcher Assistant from March to the end of May/2005 in University of Nottingham. He then worked as a Researcher in Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory from June/2005 to the end of March/2009. During his stay in UK, he had twice short visits to Institute of Physics, Poland and also a short visit to Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen. He joined State Key Laboratory for Superlattices & Microstructure, Institute of Semiconductors in CAS as a member of “100 Talent Program”. In 2012, he has been awarded the “National Outstanding Youth Foundation” from NSFC. In 2014, he was selected to be excellent in the “100 Talent Program” final assessment. His current research interests include: (1) spintronic devices; (2) physical properties based on low dimensional nano-electronic devices.
Research Interests
spintronic devices, spin and electron transport in low dimensional nano-electronic devices.

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