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Jung Weon Lee
Seoul National University
JW LEE has completed his PhD from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, USA and postdoctoral studies from MSKCC at NY. These days, his research group mostly focuses on the roles of a tetraspanin, TM4SF5, in NASH, fibrosis, tumorigenesis and metastasis, and on the anti-TM4SF5 reagents to block TM4SF5-mediated liver diseases, in either 2D or extracellular matrix-surrounded 3D culture conditions via biochemical, cell biological and molecular biological approaches in addition to animal models, and clinical samples for the fibrotic and tumor models or patients (Lab homepage: http://www.snupharm.ac.kr/jwl/). He has published more than 100 papers in reputed journals.
As a Speaker
World Liver Conference 2018
Conference Track Name : Liver Cancer
Title : null
Research Interests
Cell and molecular biology, Liver tumorigenesis and metastasis, NASH, Liver fibrosis

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