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Joao Amaral
University of Aveiro
João Amaral completed his PhD. studies in Physics in December 2009, and is currently a Senior Researcher at CICECO, University of Aveiro, Portugal. He has published over 65 publications in international peer-reviewed journals. His scientific career has focused mainly on the magnetic, thermal, and thermodynamic properties of magnetic and magnetocaloric materials, and their application in magnetic refrigeration and heat-pumping devices. Notable achievements include the development of the Landau theory of phase transitions in the context of giant magnetocaloric materials, and the development of the freely-available simulation tool MFSS (mean-field simulation suite) for the characterization of magnetocaloric materials under the framework of the Bean-Rodbell mean-field model. Currently, his main research interest lies on the development of predictive computational tools for the search of new, high-performance magnetic refrigerants and permanent magnets.
Research Interests
rare-earth free permanent magnets
rare-earth free permanent magnets

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