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Jennifer Fitzpatrick
Ball State University
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Jennifer Fitzpatrick is a highly qualified national Board Certificated Behavior Analyst and holds both a Masters Degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis/Special Education with further specialization in Autism and a Masters in Education. Currently, Mrs. Fitzpatrick is finishing her doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology with specialization towards Neurological Disorders-Autism. Mrs. Fitzpatrick received her training in Washington DC and received special training in Autism within a specialized ABA unit. Jennifer Fitzpatrick leads a team for a CCO providing Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services to Medicaid eligible individuals throughout Oregon. Outside her job, she also provides mentoring and case supervision to other BCBAs in Oregon, Washington and Idaho and she consults on special client cases that require her unique expertise. Mrs. Fitzpatrick's specialty is in EIBI, Autism and Self Injurious Behaviors. She strongly believes in early intervention (EIBI) ABA services, and the deep impact and benefits derived by such services on the future of children with autism and their entire family.
Research Interests
Clinical Psychology with specialization towards Neurological Disorders-Autism.

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