Izabela Zaleska, PhD  Photo
Izabela Zaleska, PhD
Academy of Physical Education in Cracow
Izabela Za?e?ska – an international expert in the field of Cosmetology, specialist in the field of Aesthetic Cosmetology. She graduated from the Medical University of Lodz, PhD obtained at the Faculty of Medicine at the Jagiellonian University of Cracow. Currently, she is the Chair of the Department of Professional Cosmetology at the Academy of Physical Education in Cracow and the Coordinator of the Cosmetology at the PPWSZ in Nowy Targ. A Member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists, British Medical Laser Association and European Laser Association. Dr Izabela Za?e?ska is also a court expert in the field of cosmetology and is working in clinics in Cracow and London on a daily basis. Author of over 30 scientific publications and many popular science and expert articles related to her professional specialization.
Research Interests
The influence of ectoine over the skin parameters damaged by CO2 laser

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