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Ivan chodak
Polymer Institute SAS
Prof Ivan Chodák (PhD, DSc) is a senior scientist at Polymer Institute SAS in Bratislava, Slovakia. His scientific interests cover crosslinking of polyolefins (patented extremely efficient system for polypropylene crosslinking), multiphase systems, i.e. polymer blends and composites with polymeric matrices including nanocomposites and electroconductive composites. Investigation of biodegradable polymers belongs to his most successful topics (patented material based on PHB and PLA with very high toughness, the commercial production is under preparation). He is the author of over 150 scientific publications, 15 patents (4 of them applied in industry). Frequent and long-term cooperation with industry (DSM, BASF, Biomer, National Power, GE Plastics etc.).
Research Interests
Polymers, Plastics, Composites

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