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Hossam Gaber
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Saint Hyacinthe
Exploration of clean energy technologies to support conservation strategies through green energy systems has gained global recognition as a means to a sustainable future in recent years. Director of UOIT’s Energy Safety and Control Lab, Hossam A. Gaber, PhD, specializes in smart energy grid engineering with an emphasis on safety and control engineering in clean energy technology. A Professor, cross-appointed in the Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science and the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, Dr. Gaber’s research focuses on the critical need to design and implement intelligent safety and control systems to enable high performance and reliable energy supply grids. Author of more than 210 publications including books, chapters and papers specializing in safety and control engineering for smart energy grid and interconnected micro energy grids, Dr. Gaber is a distinguished global energy systems researcher. He is leading plasma-based clean fusion energy research with national and international teams including Carleton University in Ottawa, and universities in China and Japan. Previously, Dr. Gaber was appointed a tenured Associate Professor in the Division of Industrial Innovation Services at Okayama University in Japan, and he served as a Research Associate with the Tokyo Institute of Technology, the Japan Chemical Innovative Institute, and the Egypt National Research Center, spanning a decade. He has led several large-scale national and international projects in Japan, the Middle East, and Canada. Inspired by some of academia’s most brilliant minds to strengthen his theoretical foundation and follow a research path, Dr. Gaber completed his Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering and Automatic Control at Alexandria University in Egypt in 1988, and completed Master’s degree courses in this area before earning his Doctorate in Safety Engineering from the Division of Industrial Innovation Sciences at Okayama University in Japan in 2001. Dr. Gaber is a Fellow and Founding President of Canada’s Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety Professionals Society (RAMSP). He is also a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for his contributions which include: Founding Chair of its SMC Hiroshima Chapter; Founding Chapter Chair of its Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society, Toronto Section; and Technical Committee Founder and Chair of Intelligent Green Production Systems
2nd International Conference on Green Energy & Technology
Research Interests
Resilient Smart Energy Grids and Micro Energy Grids Planning, Control, and Protection • Advanced Plasma Generation and Application on Fusion Energy • Advanced Safety and Control Systems for Nuclear Power Plants • Safety Engineering, Fault Diagnosis & Real Time Simulation • Risk-Based Energy Conservation, Smart Green Buildings • Process Systems Engineering of Energy and Nuclear Facilities, and Oil & Gas Production Plants

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