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Hannes Richter
Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems
Dr. Hannes Richter is head of the department “Nanoporous Membranes”. For his thesis on ceramic nanofiltration membranes (1998) he received the Bernhard-von-Cotta Award of the Freiberg University. He is experienced in amorphous membranes for 20 years and in zeolite and carbon membranes for more than 10 years. For the development of NaA-membranes and its scaling-up in to an industrial level he received the Exceptional price of „Junior Scientist Award“-Competition at Materialsweek 2004, the “Innovation Award Middle Germany 2008 - Cluster Energy and Environment” and “Innovation Award Energy 2009” of the Society for the Promotion of Renewable Energy. For the development of ceramic nanofiltration membranes with a cut-off of 200 Da he wins the “Fraunhofer Award 2017”: He is the author of about 38 papers, gave more than 70 lectures on national and international congresses, thereof 26 invited presentation and is inventor of 8 patents.
International Conference on Membrane Science and Technology
Session Head For
International Conference on Membrane Science and Technology
Research Interests
amorphous membranes, zeolite and carbon membranes
Amorphous membranes, zeolite and carbon membranes

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