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Garzyna Biala
Medical University of Lublin
Education: Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University, Lublin, Poland; Master’s degree (highest honor), Department of Biochemistry; Doctoral thesis in pharmacology (highest honor), Department of Pharmacodynamics; Habilitation thesis in Pharmacology (highest honor), idem; since 2010–Full Professor degree, now: the Head of the Chair and Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacodynamics; since 2012 – Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy with Medical Analitics Division, Medical University of Lublin, Poland. 1991-2009: Recipient of seven fellowships of French and Polish Government; in total 5 years of training and regular post in Paris; 9 Erasmus Plus training. Author of 230 papers, tutor of 10 doctoral thesis, number of citations: 1500; citation index=22. Review of papers for international and polish journals: 233; of scientific grants: 117, principle investigator of polish and international (”Polonium”) grants and UE projects. Member of 15 Editorial Board of open-access journals. Member of the Polish Academy of Science Commissions. Languages: Polish: native; French: fluently; English, Russian. Research subjects: psychopharmacology, pharmacotherapy, experimental pharmacology. The central effects of psychoactive drugs and natural products (including locomotor sensitization, cross-sensitization, place conditioning and withdrawal syndrome, chronic mild unpredictable stress), anxiety, memory and learning, depression, nociception, Parkinson and Alzheimer disease, psychosis, measured in behavioral paradigms. The common molecular mechanisms shared by addiction and memory processes; the neurobiological mechanisms of drug dependence (the influence of endocannabinoid system, calcium homeostasis and kinases/phosphatases balance) and further strategies for its pharmacotherapy.
International Conference on Toxicology and Clinical Pharmacology
Research Interests
psychopharmacology, pharmacotherapy, experimental pharmacology

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