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Graham Dawson
Jiaotong Liverpool University
Photocatalyst materials which are suitably stable often have large band gaps and can only be activated by UV light. Our recent research has involved the synthesis and modification of novel inorganic nanostructured materials in order to exploit their properties in visible light active photocatalytic systems. We have shown that self-assembled surface modification by organic molecules imparts trititanate nanotubes with stable, recyclable photocatalytic activity under visible light illumination. Using solid state NMR, XRD and Mass spec we have recently been looking into the arrangement of the organic molecules on the nanotube surface. We have also prepared titanium dioxide nanotube arrays by anodization for photoelectrochemical water splitting and modified them with Au and MoS2 for comparison.
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Annual Spring Conference and Expo on Chemical Engineering: From Materials Engineering to Nanotechnology
Conference Track Name : Material Science and Engineering | Polymer Science and Technology | Regulations of Nanotechnology
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8th Annual Congress on Analytical and Bioanalytical Techniques
Conference Track Name : Rasha Hanafi
Title : null
Research Interests
Nanomaterial synthesis towards applications in photocatalytic degradation and water splitting

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