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Fortov V E
Joint institute for high temperatures of RAS
Fortov V E is a well-known scientist in the field of plasma and space physics, extremely high pressures and temperatures, physics and chemistry of strong shock and detonation waves, pulsed energetics. He is academician of Russian Academy of Sciences, head of the division of energetics, machinery, mechanics and control systems of RAS and director of joint institute for high temperature of RAS. He performed experimental investigations on physical properties of hot dense matter at mega bar pressure range. He is one of the first who applied the intense shock and detonation waves for investigations of physical properties of plasmas under extreme pressure and temperature. Along with the Russian prizes and medals he was awarded L.P. Karpinsky international prize in physics and chemistry, 1997; international P. Bridgeman prize for achievements in high pressure physics and technology; 1999, international Max-Plank award for physics, 2002; international alfven prize of European Physical Society in plasma science; 2003; Americal Physical Society prize in shock compression science for pioneering research in high energy density physics, 2005; A.Einstein gold medal of UNESCO for achievements in science and international collaboration, 2005; order of merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesverdienstkreuz) for achievements in science and collaboration with german researchers, 2006; Honoured legion order, france, 2006; International glass memory award for achievements in shock wave science, 2009.

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