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Emilie Mamessier
Marseille Cancer Research Centre
Emilie Mamessier performed her Ph.D. at Aix-Marseille University, followed by a postdoc at the Institute for Child health Research in Perth (Pr. P Holt, Australia) working on deregulated immune responses in asthma. Ten years ago, she switched to study cancer development, notably with the characterization of early stages of cancer, both at the tumor cell level and in relation to tumor microenvironment composition (CRCM and Center of Immunology Marseille Luminy CIML, Marseille).
11th International Conference on Cancer Stem Cells and Oncology Research
Research Interests
Emilie Mamessier research interest is focused on breast and colon cancers and aim at better defining CTCs at high risk of seeding metastases. For this, they are combining innovative technologies (single cells isolation, microfluidic …) with complex organoids generation, either as a source (tumoroid) or a receptacle (multicellular organoid) for CTCs.

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