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Edik U. Rafailov
Energy Research Institute (ERI)
Prof Edik U. Rafailov received his Ph.D. degrees from the Ioffe Institute, St Petersburg. Since 1987, Prof. Rafailov has been engaged in the research and development of high-power CW and short pulse diode and solid-state lasers, nonlinear and integrated optics. He was responsible for the first demonstration of novel high-power Al-free laser diodes (at the Ioffe Institute in St. Petersburg). For this work he individually (1993) and his research group (1994) were awarded funding from the International Science Foundation (ISF). He was a co-investigator on a project that received funding from the ISF (1994-1996) in collaboration with Professor Zh. I. Alferov (Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 2000). He moved to the University of St Andrews (UK) in 1997. During this period he was responsible for the first demonstration of femtosecond pulse generation directly from laser diodes (in collaboration with Prof. W. Sibbett). In 2005 Prof. Rafailov moved to University of Dundee, UK, and established the new group and later in 2014 he and his Optoelectronics and Biomedical Photonics group moved to Aston University (UK). He has authored and co-authored over 400 articles in refereed journals and conference proceedings, including two books (WILEY), five invited chapters and numerous invited talks to SPIE, LEOS and CLEO. He also holds 10 UK and two US patents. Prof. Rafailov coordinated a €14.7M FP7 FAST-DOT project – development of new ultrafast lasers for Biophotonics applications. Currently, he coordinated the €12.5M NEWLED project aims to develop a new generation of white LEDs. . Recently he was awarded the H2020 FET project Mesa-Brain (€3.3M). He also leads other projects funded by EU FP7, H2020 and EPSRC (UK).
Research Interests
His current research interests include high-power CW, ultrashort-pulse lasers; generation of UV/visible/IR/MIR and THz radiation, nano-structures; nonlinear and integrated optics; and Biomedical Photonics.

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