Dr.Thambi Dorai Photo
Dr.Thambi Dorai
New York Medical College
New York
Currently working as a Research Professor at the Urology, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Departments of the New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York. Research interests include molecular mechanisms of urological malignancies such as prostate, kidney and bladder cancers and the role metabolism plays in cancer progression and metastasis and cancer specific signaling pathways. Other research projects include the metabolic pathways that are deranged in sepsis, renal ischemia and metabolic manipulation strategies to enhance transplantation tolerance by educating macrophages and reducing their inflammatory signaling. Such molecular approaches would be beneficial in renal and other reconstruction surgeries in the future.
As a Speaker
CPD Accredited 4th International Conference and Expo on Surgery and Transplantation
Conference Track Name : Walid Odeh
Title : null
Research Interests
Induction of Hypometabolism to enhance Transplant Tolerance

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