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F. Marc Stewart
Seattle University
My expertise is in general Hematology-Oncology and my research interests focus on stem cell biology. I have focused on biology of engraftment in non-myeloablative and minimally myeloablative syngeneic and allogeneic murine models. I have evaluated a number of factors related to optimal engraftment including cell dose, timing of stem cell infusion, degree of MHC compatibility, and variations in preparative regimens. I have a clinical interest in the application of minimal ablation/cellular immunotherapy approaches to a variety of different diseases. I have accomplished clinical studies in other general oncology areas including head and neck cancer, germ cell cancers, as well as hematologic malignancies. I am currently on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry and the Journal of Intensive Care Medicine. I have served as Program Author and Associate Editor-Hematology Section for the Medical Knowledge Self Assessment Program (MKSAP) and Section Editor-Hematology for Irwin and Rippeā€™s Intensive Care Medicine. My ASCO Education Committee work has included Leader for the Hematologic Malignancies track and Member of the Clinical Therapeutics and Transplantation tracks.
14th Global summit on Oncology and Cancer
Research Interests
Stem cell transplantation, head and neck cancers, genitourinary cancer, blood disorders

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