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Dr Stergios Pispas
National Hellenic Research Foundation
Stergios Pispas is Director of Research at TPCI-NHRF. He serves as the chairman of the Scientific Council of TPCI-NHRF (since 2016) and an Advisory Board Member of the European Polymer Journal (2017) among other editorial duties. He has been awarded the American Institute of Chemists Foundation Award for Outstanding Post-doctoral Fellow (1995) and the A. K. Doolittle Award of the American Chemical Society (2003). He is a coauthor of more than 300 research articles in referred journals, several invited review articles and three books, receiving more than 7500 citations (h-index=40). His current research focuses on the synthesis of functional block copolymers by controlled polymerizations and the development of complex, hybrid, self-organized nanostructures based on designed synthetic polymers and biomacromolecules and inorganic nanomaterials for nanomedicine applications.
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Director of Research at TPCI-NHRF

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