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Dr. Pegah Varamini
University of Sydney
Dr Pegah Varamini is an early career researcher, lecturer and group leader in Cancer Theme within the Faculty of Pharmacy. She is the leader of Breast Cancer Targeting-Drug Delivery Group. Dr Varamini was awarded the prestigious National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) fellowship and grant in Jan 2016. She completed her Doctorate degree in Pharmacy (PharmD) at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Iran, in May 2005. In 2009 she was granted the competitive Australian international scholarships, UQRS/IPRS, to pursue full-time PhD studies at The University of Queensland. She was awarded her PhD degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology in December 2012. She won awards and prizes during her PhD studies, e.g. 2012 Dean’s Award for Research Higher Degree Excellence highlighting her successful approach in performing a high-quality research. Dr Varamini lead a hormone-based peptide/vaccine delivery ARC-funded research project at The University of Queensland until December 2015 as a postdoctoral research fellow prior to being granted the NBCF fellowship and joining the University of Sydney in January 2016. She has published 24 peer-reviewed articles across 11 different fields (SciVal, 3/11/2016) that confirm her multidisciplinary research. Dr Varamini’s work was selected by the Australian Academy of Science in August 2016, resulting in her personal presentation at the inaugural Falling Walls Lab in Canberra (a gathering of 25 selected Australian and New Zealand researchers, entrepreneurs, engineers and innovators). Furthermore, NBCF has found her research both innovative and promising and the result was that she was the featured researcher in 2016 in multiple events and programs. Also her work is being published in NBCF 2016 annual report.
Research Interests
Breast Cancer Targeting-Drug Delivery

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