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Dr. Annette C Bentley
American Celiac Society
Annette C Bentley has obtained MS degree in medical education from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 2003. She has also obtained a MS degree in food science from Louisiana State University in May of 2013. She founded and serves as the President of the American Celiac Society. She has been published in the Journal of General Psychology and the Who sprue (American Celiac Newsletter) the lifeline (CSAUSA newsletter) and the Eucharistic ministry. She has done many presentations at conference throughout the world.
3rd International Conference on Food Safety and Hygiene
8th International Conference on Nutrition,Food Science and Technology
9th International Conference on Food Science & Technology
17th International Conference on Nutrition and Fitness
2nd International Conference on Nutraceuticals & Food Sciences
Research Interests
Food Technology
Food Science and Technology
Food Technology, Nutrition

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