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Dr Danielle IWANDZA
Danielle IWANDZA is the founder and CEO of PharmaCqARE, a cabinet providing drug-related counsel, training and services for pharmaceutical companies, authorities and healthcare professionals; she has 21 years of experience in the European pharmaceutical industry. She has been an independent pharmacovigilance senior consultant for 7 years, providing her services to medium sized and big pharma companies in France,Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands. Prior to that, she had growing pharmacovigilance responsibilities and has been head of pharmacovigilance in France for a big pharma company and pharmacovigilance head & EU-QPPV for a hospital generic company. She was previously physician clinical research for 3 years and prior to that had been a medical practitioner in hospitals and clinics in the south of France. She graduated in the specialty of dermatology from the University of Montpellier in France. She also holds a clinical research degree from Sup’Santé school in Paris and a pharmacoepidemiology degree from the Bordeaux school of Pharmacy
CPD Accredited 2nd International Conference on Clinical Trials & Pharmacovigilance
CPD Accredited International Conference on Clinical Trials & Pharmacovigilance
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Clinical Trials
Pharmacovigiilance & Clinical Trials
Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Trials
Pharmacovigilance & Clinical Trials

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