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Technical Association of the Hydraulic Binder Industries
Dora LEBAGA-MEVAA, a state registered nurse, a Diabetes Educator, and Lifestyle Coach. she also the CEO/ Founder of the Association for Diabetes and Hypertension in Africa. (ADHA FRANCE ) is a non-profit organization based in France, but activities on Diabetes and Hypertension is been carried out in Africa. ADHA aims at giving free screening, educational and awareness campaigns to our African people, which has the highest percentage of undiagnosed people, 70% of the people with Diabetes do not know they have it. So ADHA is here to help our African people suffering from these ills, to stay healthy and Happy. ADHA's Motto: "Awareness is the Cure"
27th International Conference on Diabetes and Endocrinology (CPD Accredited)
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