Daniel Azmeraw Workluel (MD, M.PH., Internist) Photo
Daniel Azmeraw Workluel (MD, M.PH., Internist)
All African leprosy, tuberculosis rehabilitation training Center
Addis ababa
Dr. Daniel Azmeraw Workluel, 38 years old male from Ethiopia, Africa, with current position of internal medicine case team leader and senior medical specialist (Internist & public health specialist), he graduated with medical doctor award from Jimma University, Oromia, Ethiopia, 2004 then joined the ministry of health and education and provided teaching service for vast health and medical students and provided care, treatment and promotion of disease and health for patients and clients, then he joined University of Gondar, Gondar, Ethiopia and graduated with master public health, 2010, continued to serve the country on different posts of governmental university, hospitals, nongovernmental organization and united nations (WHO,IOM) and involved in different researches, on 2012 he joined residency program of internal medicine at Jimma University and graduated with certificate of completion in internal medicine 2016, Jimma University, Oromia, Ethiopia. he have tremendous amount of experience on research and project management with more than five published researches on national and international journals, currently with biggest research center collaboration am involved in validation tool research for HIV virus load and drug sensitivity research and on clinical prospective cohort study on causative agents, risk factors and treatment outcome of meningitis patients in ALERT hospital, Addis Ababa. and he is a member of Ethiopian medical associations, Ethiopian public health associations and internal medicine society of Ethiopia.his mission is to contribute through the clinical and public health program for development of Ethiopia and actively participate in continual medical education activities to develop his career and to provide update service for those who are in need.
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internist & public health specialist

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