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Chia-chi Liu
University of Sydney
Dr Chia-chi Liu (BSc, MSc, PhD) is Senior Research Fellow and Molecular Biologist with expertise in oxidative protein chemistry at University of Sydney. She was a Biochemistry Lecturer in Taipei Medical University Taiwan. Dr Liu completed MSc in Cell and Molecular Biology at Taipei Medical University Taiwan, followed by second MSc in Biotechnology, University of New South Wales. She then completed her PhD within the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science, Macquarie University. Dr Liu’s core focus is investigating the relationship between oxidative stress and the sodium pump function. Her research interests include the development of new diagnostic methods for oxidative damage of the pump; the discovery of new drugs for heart disease; and the design of novel therapeutic proteins for cancer treatment.
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CPD Accredited 3rd Global Expo on Cancer and Oncology Research
Conference Track Name : Cancer Therapy
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