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Harvard Medical School
Octavian Bucur is working as an Instructor in the Departments of Pathology and Medicine at the Harvard Medical School, BIDMC, in Boston, MA, focusing on the development and application of new experimental and computational technologies with significant impact in molecular, diagnostic pathology and personalized medicine. He is also a member of the Ludwig Cancer Center at Harvard and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. In collaboration with Dr. Edward Boyden’s laboratory at MIT, he has developed a pathology-optimized physical tissue expansion method called Expansion Pathology that enables ~100 times expansion in volume of any type of clinical specimen and visualization of 70-80 nm structures with conventional optical microscopes (currently limited to ~250 nm resolution). Expansion Pathology has the potential of replacing electron microscopy in diagnosis and investigation of certain pathologies and nanometer structures
Research Interests
Developing and applying novel experimental and computational strategies to improve disease diagnostics and therapeutics for cancer patients.

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