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Boris Stilman
University of Colorado Denver, USA
Dr. Stilman is currently Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at the University of Colorado Denver, USA, and the Chairman & CEO at STILMAN Advanced Strategies, USA. Dr. Stilman received MS in Mathematics from Moscow State University, Russia, in 1972, and two PhDs in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from National Research Institute for Electrical Engineering, Russia, in 1984. In 1972-1988, based on his 17-year experience in the research project PIONEER led by a former World Chess Champion Professor Mikhail Botvinnik, Dr. Stilman developed Linguistic Geometry (LG), a new theory for solving abstract board games. In 1991-2018, Dr. Stilman continued development of the theory and applications of LG at the University of Colorado. A leap in the development LG was made in 1999, when he (with a group of scientists and engineers) founded STILMAN Advanced Strategies, LLC. A growing number of applications of LG developed at STILMAN passed comprehensive testing and powered intelligent defense systems around the world. In 2010, Dr. Stilman broadened the scope of his research on intelligent systems via investigating the structure of the Primary Language of the human brain. Dr. Stilman published several books and over 200 research papers. He is a recipient of numerous R&D awards including those from DARPA. More information about Dr. Stilman and his research can be found at
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Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

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