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Asawari Bapat
Asawari (Aasa) is a Medical Doctor with specialization in Clinical pathology, (Transfusion, Immunology, Transplants) and has 15 yrs of Experience in Labs, Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapies. Aasa is a validated global expert for: International Ambassador aabb (American Association for Blood Banking) for Cellular Therapies; On the Advisory Panel of Parents Guide to cord Blood; Held honorary chair for laying down Cord Blood banking regulations in India associated with DCGI, ICMR India; For decades Aasa has been spearheading Labs, Adult Stem Cell and Cord Blood Banks, Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapeutic Companies towards success. Aasa has successfully pioneered, executed and delivered Critical Projects to the clients satisfaction. She has been piloting and managing international teams during complex technology transfers including evaluations, regulatory guidelines and risk analysis. Through her network Aasa has built many strong relationships and has optimized successful collaborations, business development and associations efficiently. Leading Operations in Managing Complex facilities through: Adult Stem cells, Cord Blood, Cord Tissue, Placenta Tissue banking in regards to counselling, collection, processing, Cryo-processing, testing. Compliance to AABB, FACT and other international and regional guidelines and regulatory affairs; The Management of Suppliers and Vendors by appropriate selection, beneficial contracts through effective networking; The Optimization of Medical and Clinical services including Marketing, Logistics and on ground support;
2nd World Congress on Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine
Research Interests
Developing new products, new technologies and International Licensing

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