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Antonio Zuorro
Sapienza University of Rome
Antonio Zuorro is a Professor of “BioChemical Engineering Fundamentals” and “Chemical Engineering for BioMedical Systems” at the Department of Chemical Engineering Materials & Environment of Sapienza University of Rome, where he received his M.S. and Ph.D degrees in Chemical Engineering.
5th International Conference on Green Chemistry and Technology
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5th International Conference on Green Chemistry and Technology
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5th International Conference on Green Chemistry and Technology
Conference Track Name : Green Synthesis | Green Manufacturing | Green Chemistry
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Research Interests
His research activity has been mainly focused on the development of innovative chemical and biotechnological processes for the recovery of high value-added compounds from by-products and agro-industrial residues, such as lycopene from tomato waste and phenolic antioxidants from artichoke and bilberries waste, olive pomace and coffee grounds. He also examined the possibility of including the extracts obtained in consumer food products to get new functional foods with high antioxidant activity. In the field of enzyme technology, he studied the use of multienzyme systems with enhanced activity for the recovery of lipids and bioactive compounds with high added value from microalgae. He is the author of over 60 scientific publications and several industrial patents, ranging from the biochemical extraction of valuable compounds to the fibers recovery for material applications.

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