Ana Yece das Neves Pinto Photo
Ana Yece das Neves Pinto
Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Brazil city
Ana has a Degree in medicine by Universidade Federal do Pará (UFPa); medical training in infectious and parasitic diseases by UFPa, master's degree in Tropical Medicine. PhD degree in Tropical Medicine - Fundação Oswaldo Cruz Institute, with thesis about autochthonous Acute Chagas disease in the Amazon region, occurred by oral transmission. Public health Assistant researcher of Instituto Evandro Chagas, since 1992, experience with biomedical research applied to health sciences, with emphasis on infectious and parasitic diseases, especially Chagas disease, Malaria, Toxoplasmosis and Leishmaniasis. Main topics: Public Health in the Amazon, Tropical Medicine applied to the health of riverine populations; Chagas disease autochthonous from Amazon rainforest; responses to treatment of patients with Chagas disease; treatment and control of malaria; Parasitic diseases applied Immunology and Vaccinology; Field epidemiology and investigation of outbreaks of febrile and exanthematic syndromes. Research group: Neglected diseases and poverty causation.
As a Speaker
4th International Conference on Tropical Medicine,Infectious Diseases & Public Health
Conference Track Name : Young Research Forum, Poster Presentation and E-posters
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