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Alexei V. Finkelstein
Lomonosov Moscow State University
Alexei Finkelstein: Born in 1947 (Kharkov, Ukraine, USSR). Alma Mater: Moscow PhysTech. (MSc: 1970). Ph.D. (Biophysics, Moscow PhysTech., 1976); LMB (Cambridge) alumnus, 1988;D.Sc. (Biophysics, Moscow Univ., 1991). Author of >250 scientific papers and books "Protein Physics", (five Russian, two English and two Chinese editions), and "Physics of Protein Molecules" (in Russian). Citation index by Google Scholar: about 8500, Hirsch index: 43. Since 1970, member, and since 1999, Head of Protein Physics Laboratory at the Institute of Protein Research, RAS. Since 1998, Full professor of the Moscow University. Awards from FIRCA, INTAS, CASP, HHMI (3 times), RFBR, RSF, Moscow Grant, etc. State Prize of Russia in Science (1999); elected to the Russian Academy of Sciences (2008).
2ndInternational Conference on Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drug Discovery
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Protein Research

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